Camp Lejeune, NC Housing Office

Camp Lejeune On-Base Housing
If you choose to live on Base you may contact the housing office at (910) 450-1627 /1628 (On Base Housing Referral ext 210 / Off Base Housing Referral ext 257 & 206).

Be aware there may be a waiting period. The Camp Lejeune housing office will keep your name on the waiting list and contact you when your permanent housing is available. Make sure to reserve temporary lodging for you and your family prior to your PCS to Camp Lejeune. Once you arrive and sign in to Camp Lejeune you will receive 10 days of permissive TDY to look at your housing options and make a decision.

Featured Home for Rent

There are currently no rental homes available for this base. To list your home for rent click here.

About DoD Housing Network

Welcome to DoD Housing Network. We provide the resources for you to make an educated housing decision upon your PCS arrival to Camp Lejeune. Whether you decide to stay on post in Camp Lejeune housing or use your basic allowance for housing (BAH) to rent or purchase a home in the community surrounding Camp Lejeune, our relocation tools will help you make the right choice.

Feel free to browse the homes for rent and homes for sale, as well as the local businesses that work with Camp Lejeune inbound soldiers and their families. Our goal at DoD Housing Network is to help you better understand Camp Lejeune and the surrounding communities, neighborhoods and activities. If you need temporary lodging upon your arrival to Camp Lejeune please visit our lodging section with available hotels close to post. Please note DoD Housing Network is not a government sponsored website.

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