This week, seven students received effective, quality training from the PEO C4I's Front Office Continuous Process Improvement Team, with a heavy emphasis on using teamwork to save time and money.

"Process improvement doesn't happen in a bubble," John Pope, executive director of PEO C4I told Navy Public Affairs. "To see the big differences we've seen, you need a focused team. A team of people can identify small projects we can complete quickly that add up to big savings overall. Every dollar matters. A team is also necessary for large projects, not only to do the actual CPI analysis, implementation and sustainment, but also because rarely does any organization work alone. Having all the stakeholders working together adds to the efficiency and effectiveness. This is one way we support the warfighter through improving affordability and speed to delivery."

As a leader in time- and cost-efficient success stories, the PEO C4I's Front Office CPI Team accepts both military and civilian participants to their training classes with the goal of increasing problem-solving all across the command and with their partners.

For a more in-depth look at the training's successes and objectives, you can follow this link to the original article.

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