The Joint Task Force series dubbed "Quickstrike" saw the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy teaming up again for the biennial field training exercise, Valiant Shield, and they brought a new weapon with life-saving potential...

Precision and range significantly impact the warfighter's welfare; that seemed to be the main focus of the joint-force exercises during 2018 Valiant Shield. With the combined efforts of the Air Force 96th Bomb Squadron and their B-52 bombers and the Navy Patrol Squadron Five with their P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, the joint-forces were able to successfully demonstrate the launch and supervision of the new 2,000 pound Quickstrike-extended range mines. The feedback the exercise provided seemed to be unanimously positive with the kind of capability this new weapon would provide U.S. Forces and their personnel.

"There's the legacy Quickstrike mines which have the standard parachute tail fin," Jeffrey Dudgeon of Indo-Pacific Command's Joint Innovation and Experimentation division told Navy Public Affairs. "In order to deploy them it requires carrying the load slow, getting close in, and making several small passes. What this new weapon allows us to do is precision placement from altitude, at speed."

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