Heavy rains are still targeting devastated areas of Texas and expected to move into Louisiana as Tropical Storm Harvey continues to strike from the Gulf of Mexico.

The DOD is strategically pre-positioning supplies, equipment, personnel, vehicles and aircraft in anticipation of more assistance requests, while National Guard members from various states join or contribute much needed aid and equipment for the emergency efforts. Many of the contributions are aircraft and high-water vehicles for wide-area search and rescue missions being conducted around the clock.

The south Louisiana parishes of Calcasieu, Lafayette, Vermillion and Orleans have already been outfitted with National Guard personnel, supplies and vehicles due to the expected arrival of Tropical Storm Harvey.

"Safety is the No. 1 priority," Army Colonel, Robert Manning said while updating the media about the DOD's efforts. "We urge residents in the affected areas to continue to follow the instructions of state, local and tribal officials" and stay away from evacuated areas until they are told the areas are safe.

For more information about all emergency efforts in Texas and Louisiana, a list of aiding National Guard states, aircraft, vehicles and other necessary supplies please read both of the original articles posted here and here.

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