Riverside, CA

Riverside is city in Riverside County, California that is the fourth largest inland city in California. The city is located about 60 miles from Los Angeles, and has a current population of 300,400 people. The city is the birthplace of the citrus industry and is home to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum as well as the University of California. The parent Washington Naval Orange Tree is found in Riverside and is one of the two original naval orange trees in California. Located just 17 miles from the NSWC Corona Division, the city offers a unique community in which to live and work.

Houses for sale in the area start at $350,000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Rentals in the area start at a monthly rate of $700 for a one bedroom, one bath unit. Hotels such as the Mission Inn Hotel and the Marriott Riverside offer temporary lodging for visitors. Amenities include free wireless internet and complimentary breakfasts with rates starting at $190 a night.

Local attractions include the March Field Air Museum which serves as home to 70 historic aircraft and many inside displays and exhibits. The main building was constructed in 1993, and the hangars were made to look like the early aviation days. Modern military aircraft take off and land daily near the airport, and a theater offers visitors a chance to view the history of March Field and of the U.S. military aviation.

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