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Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division is an analysis and assessment center in Corona, California, near Los Angeles, which evaluates equipment and weapons performance, and training competency. More than 950 scientists and engineers work for the center, with over 180 programs in the works. It is the Navy's largest operational facility focusing on scientific and engineering projects.

The base was built on a former luxury resort site that was hit hard by the stock market crash of 1929. Once the resort lost its financial footing, it sold to the Navy in 1941, one day prior to the Pearl Harbor attack. The center was first converted to a hospital and by 1944 the facility had treated over 12,000 patients. By the 1950s, the center was converted to a technical center, doing evaluations on guided missile systems to check the accuracy and maneuverability of the weapons systems.

Weather in the Corona area tends to be warm in the summer with temperatures in the 70s and cool in the winter with the temperatures in the 50s. Annual rainfall in the area is 16 inches with the wettest month being February. August is the warmest month, and December is the coldest.

Local housing options are available nearby in cities such as Norco, Corona, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, and many others. Housing costs vary a great deal. Apartments near Corona rent for $900-$1600 a month. Houses near Corona sell for a rough average of about $435,000.

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