According to the Aerotech News,Emergency crews participate in active-shooter exercise

NAWS China Lake emergency crews in conjunction with the local community participated in an active-shooter exercise on February 16th that involved an armed suspect scenario. The exercise was created by the Navy Region Southwest to test the China Lake emergency crew's training and response time according to the Aerotech News. The scenario involved eight responders in an open fire sequence where a suspect having marital issues brought a gun into the Pass and ID and began open firing. China Lake Policy Training Officer Chris Maloney called the exercise a success and went on to elaborate, "We were testing primarily the mass-casualty system, so what we do is we have multiple injuries, and I think that was a very good exercise. That's what we do; we exercise things to find ways to improve."

The scenario played out with an "emergency call" coming in to the station at 10 a.m. and the first responders arrived on the scene. The China Lake Police Department breached the door, killed the assailant and secured the locations as medical teams moved in. Medical responders included a joint effort between China Lake Fire Department and paramedics as well as the Liberty Ambulance Crew. Maloney described the specific training exercise saying, "We tailor our training to real world events, but this is not in response to any specific threat. This is the active shooter side of training. We test active shooter at least once a year, but I try to do it more than that. We do annual drills; this is one that San Diego Region has come up with to evaluate the training team to make sure that we are providing the appropriate training. They're evaluating use and we're evaluation the responders." Navy Corpsman Curtis Cameron who played the shooter noted, "I am currently studying criminal justice trying to get my associates. It's cool to see this stuff happening. Hopefully I can be the one to breach the door someday."