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The Naval Postgraduate School for Naval Officers began in 1909 with a small class of 10 students and two Navy instructors located at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. Two attic rooms set aside for classroom and laboratory space to "secure ample use of the educational plant of the Naval Academy without interfering with the instruction of midshipmen".

By 1912, the school was teaching courses in ordnance and gunnery, naval construction, and civil engineering. Enrollment had increased to 25 students by then. Classes continued to expand, until it was obvious that the Postgraduate School required its own facility. After World War II, a search was made for an adequate facility.

The existing Naval Postgraduate School sits on the site of the former Hotel Del Monte which was a "sports empire" in its time offering golf, polo, tennis, and swimming to its esteemed guests. It was considered the most elegant seaside resort in the world and entertained dignitaries and U.S. Presidents. This was considered adequate, and in December of 1951, the school was moved from Annapolis to the new facility in California. The move involved 500 students and about 100 faculty and staff.

The Naval Postgraduate School celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009 and marked a century of Excellence in Education. The School offers a variety of graduate and postgraduate study programs. Over the years many flag officers, commanding officers, and other notable officers have graduated from NPS, including over 35 astronauts, the first woman to earn a third star in the US Navy, several Chiefs of Operations and Chiefs of Staff, and of course many of the most influential engineers and technologists in the world.

Weather in the California area tends to be mild in the summer with temperatures in the 70s and cool in the winter with the temperatures in the 50s. Annual rainfall in the area is 20 inches with the wettest month being January. September is the warmest month of the Monterey year, and December is the coldest.

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