Camp LeJeune according to the Globe
Marine makes 2012 Olympic boxing team
Sergeant James Herring is living his dream as the member of the All-Marine Boxing Team. Based out of Marine Corps Base Camp LeJeune, Herring has earned himself a spot on the 2012 U.S. Boxing Team according to the Globe. He earned the spot by defeating Marcio Figueroa 12-10 in the light-welterweight class quarterfinals in Rio de Janeiro. Herring noted, "It's taken a lot of mental preparation to get me here. It's all the dedication people put in me and I put in myself to perfect my craft." Herring started boxing over 11 years ago and after joining the Marine Corps, he re-dedicated himself to the sport. His one goal was to win a national title. He joined the All-Marine Boxing Team in 2006 but was disrupted by deployment in 2007.
After he returned, Herring noted, "I came home from deployment, and I've been with the team since May 15, 2008. Yeah, I still remember the date. When Coach Jesse Revalo came on the scene, he started pushing me and encouraging me. He taught me to actually believe in myself." In August 2011, Herring went to the Olympic trials and won, and then the All-Marine Boxing Team won the Armed Forces Tournament in February, making history as the first Marine Corps team to win since 1992. Herring explained, "My family was watching and they actually heard the news that I'd made the team before I could call and tell them. They're ecstatic. My mom is planning to go to London to watch me compete and I'm sure others will follow as time gets closer. From here, it only gets tougher. I'm pusher harder, working more. I'm not going to the Olympics just to say I was there. I want to win. I want to bring home a medal."