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Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) is home to tenants like the Alaska NORAD Command Region, the 673rd Air Base Wing, and the Alaskan Command headquarters. It is located in Anchorage, Alaska and is a combination of Fort Richardson and Elmendorf AFB.

Fort Richardson, was built to protect the relatively undefended northern territory and to house the Alaskan Command. Also, it was conveniently located for receiving shipments from the USSR during World War II. In 1942, when the Japanese attacked the Aleutian Islands, the fort was one of the only defenses. In 1947, Fort Richardson moved locations and out of the need for more protection and the birth of the Air Force, Elmendorf AFB was created. They officially became a joint base (again) in 2010.

Anchorage, is in the southern part of the state like most of Alaska it has a subarctic climate which produces, cool summers and extremely cold winters. Temperatures during summertime are usually in the 50-60 degree range (F) and winters can experience bitter temps in the low 20's to low teens. An average of 70 inches of snow are expected, or about a foot per month, and large snow storms are common.

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Although, this area of Alaska is fairly remote, Anchorage is the state's largest city. There is plenty of housing, events, and outdoor activities to keep your family entertained. Other areas outside the city are Eagle River, Chugiak, and Gateway, which are all within a 15-45 minute drive (fairly short for Alaska!) of base. If your family is looking to purchase your own home, there are modestly priced homes and detached houses on par with AK state average prices.

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