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Joint Base Andrews is in charge of training and deploying troops for the Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEFs) and operating rotary-wing aircraft that are ready to defend the nation's capital in case of emergency. Located in Prince George's County, Maryland, near Washington D.C., the joint base was created when Naval Air Facility Washington and Andrews Air Force Base merged. Its host unit is the 11th Wing.

During the Civil War, a church in Camp Springs, Maryland, was taken over by the Army and became the land on which Camp Springs Army Airfield was built. Chapel Two, as it's now known, is still a church on base. The airfield became a pilot training location and headquarters for Army Airfields in support of World War II. After the Commanding General of the European Theatre Lt. Gen. Frank Maxwell Andrews was killed in the war, the airfield was renamed in his memory. Over the years, JB Andrews has been instrumental as one of the AF's first jet bases, home base for many Air Force units, and has seen many Presidential comings and goings from the nation's capital.

In this part of western Maryland, the summer season can be quite humid and experience temperatures in the 80-90 degree range. Wintertime has the opposite problem, since temperature can often drop to near freezing. There is also, some snow/freezing rain to be expected, spring and fall are usually rainy. Tropical storms are rare, but thunderstorms are fairly common, especially during the hottest months.

Local Info
Since, the city of Washington D.C. is extremely populated and a large urban environment, many families choose to live in the suburbs around Andrews. Such communities in Maryland include Camp Springs, Clinton, College Park, Mitchellville, Greater Upper Marlboro, and District Heights. The joint base is also within a short distance of some Virginia suburbs as well, including Alexandria and Arlington. Certain areas are more expensive than others, but affordable communities with many housing types to choose from are easy to find within a 20-30 minute commute of base.


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