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Fort McCoy is also known as the Total Force Training Center since it trains Reserve and active units from all branches of the military. It is located between Tomah and Sparta, Wisconsin. Tenant units here include the 181st Infantry Brigade and the 11th Military Intelligence Battalion.

What started in 1909 as a field artillery training site known as the Sparta Maneuver Tract soon became a unified camp named for the Union Captain Bruce E. McCoy. His son, Maj. Gen. Robert McCoy, owned the camp land. During World War I, the camp was converted to a ordnance storage depot and was later largely disassembled to make packing crates out of the buildings. Post-war, the camp returned to training National Guard and Reserve units, and when World War II came around, expansion was desperately needed. At this time, Camp McCoy not only expanded but upgraded its artillery systems from horse-drawn to mechanized. After the war, soldiers were out-processed here and the camp once again trained Reserve troops through the Korean War and into the present day. In 1974, the camp finally became an official fort, renamed, so to speak, for the Captainís son Robert McCoy.

The continental climate of southwestern Wisconsin creates hot summers and bitterly cold winters. The average temperature in July is about 80 degrees F while in January, temps are normally in the 10-20 degree range, often dipping to 0 degrees. About 40 inches of snow are expected each winter. Although tornadoes are no more common here than in the rest of the U.S., they do occur and families should make sure to be prepared, just in case.

Off post housing can be easily found in the 2 communities on either side of base, Sparta and Tomah, each with a population of about 9,000. The much smaller towns of Oakdale, Wyeville, and West Salem are also within a half hour commute. Home prices in these areas are usually very modest and under the Wisconsin state average price.
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