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Fort Knox is home to the U.S. Army Human Resources Center of Excellence and the U.S. Army Cadet Command headquarters in Radcliff, Kentucky. Since 1937, it has also been in control of the Bullion Depository for the U.S. Department of Treasury. Units stationed here include the 3rd Brigade Combat Team and the 84th Training Command.

Originally known as Camp Knox, what we know today as the fort was a training site for recruited World War I soldiers in 1918. It is named for first U.S. Secretary of War and Continental Army Chief of Artillery, General Henry Knox. Post WWI, the Army made the transition from mounted to mechanized cavalry and Camp Knox became the headquarters of this new technology. The Armored Force School and Armored Replacement Training Center started here just before World War II. During and after the second world war, the fort continued to train and make new developments in tanks and armor operations until the two schools were transferred to Fort Benning in the 1990s. This made way for the current organizations such as the HR Center of Excellence and Cadet Command HQ that remain at Knox today.

The Radcliff and Elizabethtown area of western Kentucky has all four seasons and a humid overall climate. The average winter temperature is 35 degrees, but can often fall to 10 degrees F. Summertime is about 80 degrees on average and can have over a monthís worth of 90 degree days. The average annual precipitation is 45 inches; April and May usually see the most rain and about 12 inches of snow is expected during colder months.

The town of Radcliff is right next to base and the smaller communities of Vine Grove and West Point are also within a 20 minute commute. The city of Elizabethtown is about 30 minutes south of base, and Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky, is just about 45 minutes north. Home prices in the area are about the same as the state average, which is quite affordable.
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