Fort Gordon In-processing

All personnel arriving at Fort Gordon as permanent party should report to the Soldier Service Center, Darling Hall, Building 33720, on the corner of Chamberlain Avenue and Kilbourne Street. When reporting, personnel should have orders, DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave) and all personnel records, as well as medical and dental records. (706) 791-3649.

Personnel assigned to the National Security Agency/Central Security Services Georgia should report to Building 28423 on Brainard Avenue. (706) 791-9181.

Trainee/student personnel reporting after 4 p.m. weekdays and on weekends and holidays should report to the Receiving and Processing Company, Building 25710, on Barnes Avenue. (706) 791-8314.

Reporting information is also available at the Military Police Station, Building 32422, on Rice Road. (706) 791-4380.

Your family is welcome to stay at the Fort Gordon Lodge in temporary housing. Reservations can be made in advance of arrival by calling 706-790-3676 ext 1007/1008. If they are full please refer to hotels off Fort Gordon.

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