Fort Bragg In-processing

Soldiers arriving at Fort Bragg assigned to the 18th Airborne Corps should report to the Fort Bragg Reception Company, Bldg 4-1238 on Normandy Drive. Unaccompanied SSG and below soldiers are assigned a barracks room, and platoon to complete their in-processing. The Fort Bragg Reception Company is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist newly assigned soldiers and their families. The Fort Bragg Reception Company's telephone number is 910-396-4244/4250, DSN 312-236-4244/4250.

All Soldiers sign into the Reception Company, Seniors, SSG(P) and above, after signing into the Reception Company are to return the following duty day, except Wednesdays, at 10:00 a.m. to receive an in-processing brief and packet to assist them with processing into installation activities and agencies.

Soldiers are allotted 5 duty days to complete the in-processing checklist and sign-out at the Reception Company.

Soldiers being assigned to Student Detachment/Medical Hold at WOMACK will sign in to WOMACK located off the All American Expressway.

Soldiers arriving to Fort Bragg in a training status will report to the assigned Student Brigade.

All officers arriving to Ft Bragg, need to report to the Officer Management Division (OMD), Soldier Support Center, 2nd Floor, Wing A, to in-process and verify orders. Officers being assigned to USASOC, WOMAC, 44th MED BDE, DENTAC, JAG, 1st TSC and the 82d ABN DIV will be given further instructions. Chaplain's need to report to the Installation Chaplain's Office, Bldg 1-2336, located on Hamilton St. to receive their assignment memorandum prior to in-processing OMD.

USAJFKSWC/1st SPWAR Training Group students report to Bryant Hall (Bldg. D-3206, Room 106) on Ardennes Street. After duty hours, students will report to the SWC Staff Duty Officer in Bldg. D-3206.

All Reserve Component (RC) and Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) enlisted Soldiers report to the Directorate of Reserve Component (DRCS), Individual Section, Bldg. AT-3954, on Butner Road.

The ACU duty uniform is worn during in-processing at Fort Bragg. You will need enough uniforms for the six days you will be with the detachment. Do not forget to bring your personnel documents including copies of your orders and DA-31, medical, dental and financial records when checking in. A billeting assignment, bedding and a temporary meal card for those not on rations will be assigned to you once you have checked in.

Your family is welcome to stay at the Airborne Inn in temporary housing. Reservations can be made in advance of arrival by calling 910-396-7700, ext 1710/1712/1713/1714, DSN: 236-7700, ext 1710/1712/1713/1714 If they are full please refer to hotels off Fort Bragg.

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