Fort Bragg Housing

During your stay at Fort Bragg you may have several housing options. You may live either on or off post. When living on post you forfeit your BAH or Basic Allowance for Housing. If you decide to live off post, and if you are eligible, you will receive a BAH. View your Fort Bragg BAH rates. This housing allowance is provided to help cover the cost of living off post.

Fort Bragg Off Post Housing - You may decide to either rent a home or apartment or purchase a home.

Fort Bragg homes for rent

A list of off post homes for rent is available online to assist you in choosing the rental with the right amenities, price, bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage.

Fort Bragg Apartments for Rent

An online listing of apartments for rent in the Fort Bragg area is available to you. You can access the type of apartment along with its amenities and any services close by. Some properties offer military discounts and usually the discount is stated on the listing for your convenience.

You may use our tools to find the proximity to schools, parks and local businesses.

Also find our list of local Fort Bragg apartments

Fort Bragg homes for sale

Building equity in a home offers both officers and enlisted soldiers more financial freedom and lessens the tax burden. Owning a home can help you build personal wealth and give you the security in knowing that you have made a long-term investment for your family’s future. Your BAH can be used to pay your mortgage payment. Check out the Fort Bragg homes for sale to see what is available.

Also if you have questions about the home buying process or if you are a first time home buyer you may order a Free Home Buyer’s Guide.

Fort Bragg on post Housing

The Fort Bragg housing office may be contacted at 866-253-1217.

Temporary lodging may be necessary when you first arrive on post and while you are waiting assignment to on post housing. If you have decided to stay on post, there is usually a waiting list at the housing office. You can make reservations at the local Fort Bragg hotels while you are waiting. You will be contacted as soon as on post housing becomes available.

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