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Upon arrival to Fort Bragg you may need temporary lodging while you are waiting for permanent on or off post housing. The Airborne Inn takes reservations and can be reached by email at, or phone at Commercial: 910-396-7700, ext 1710/1712/1713/1714, DSN: 236-7700, ext 1710/1712/1713/1714 and is located at Building D-3601 Moon Hall, Darby Loop. You can make advance reservations up to 6 months ahead of time. Incoming PCS personnel may occupy guest house facilities for up to 30 days without loss of BAH. Outgoing personnel may occupy guest house facilities for up to 10 days. The Standard room rate is $45.00 + $5.00 for each additional person per day for all ranks. Please note that you are required to pay in advance for 7 days upon check-in. Please check below for alternative hotel options if the Airborne Inn is full.
If interested in staying on post, visit our temporary lodging and billeting page for more information.

The DoD Housing Network team continually searches for new and innovative ways to give support to our veterans. Therefore, effective 10/01/2014, 100% of the booking commissions that we receive from reserved hotel stays will be sent to veteran's organizations such as VFW and WWP.

Fort Bragg Hotels

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