Wright-Patterson Air Force Base according to the Skywrighter
Air Force Climate Surveys offer Airmen a voice
Leaders at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph are soliciting the opinions of Airmen by asking them to complete surveys via personalized links that will be available through June 22nd according to the Skywrighter. The survey will solicit opinions from all members of the Air Force active duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian personnel on topics that include satisfaction and performance. Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley noted, "Every member of the Total Force, military or civilian, plays a critical part in our mission success. The questions are hard-hitting, and we need your direct, honest feedback." Donley added, "Your feedback is confidential, so do not hesitate to let us know how you truly feel. If there are issues that need to be addressed, I want to you to be candid and say so. If you are satisfied with your work environment, I would like to know that too."
The survey results will be briefed to both the Air Force Chief of Staff in September as well as to Mr. Donly. Nicole Gamez, Air Force Manpower Agency, noted, "It is important to note that unit reports do not contain any demographic information aside from active duty, Guard, Reserve, or civilian status and officer, enlisted or civilian category breakouts. If fewer than seven people respond to any status or category, the results for that status or category will not be reported in a breakout at that unit level." All responses will then roll up to the next level. Gamez added, "The feedback serves to improve each organization and our entire Air Force." For more information, about the 2012 Air Force Climate Survey, visit the Air Force Portal.