Andrews Air Force Base according to the Beacon
Brigadier General McGregor honored in pinning ceremony
Brigadier General Karl McGregor was deployed when he was due to receive his first pin-on ceremony, so on April 14th in front of family, friends and military leaders, McGregor was honored with his pinning ceremony and was named the number on commander in Fourth Air Force. Major General Wade Ferris, 22nd Air Force commander and the presiding officer spoke about how McGregor had begun his career as an enlisted helicopter mechanic before becoming a flight engineer and then a pilot. McGregor also worked as the operations and training manager at Andrews Air Force Base and the operations group commander at Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts. Farris noted that McGregor surrounds himself with people that know how to get things done.
Farris continued to describe McGregor's past performances and noted that he was a "fount of energy" and they he needed "cloning". He's not a fount. He's the Niagara Falls of energy, and I'm not sure AFRC could stand two or three Karls running around," he said jokingly. Farris then handed the microphone over to McGregor who humbly added, "I've been fortunate to have supervisors who gave me second and third chances to fail and succeed." He also noted the sign of a good supervisor was one who let their subordinates know if they are doing a good job or if corrections need to be made to make them better. He encouraged managers to stop micromanaging and let the staff members do their jobs. He ended by saying, "This is possibly the best wing I've ever been in if it's based on the people and their dedication and support. You are all head and shoulders above the rest."